I trust you

Kozjak offers a more demanding and adrenaline-packed experience that you will always remember fondly.

DURATION: 180 – 240 min
ALL YOU NEED: swimwear and a towel

PRICE:   88€

Basic swimming skills and some physical fitness required for this canyon.

Kozjak stream gorge lies in the vicinity of the historic town Kobarid.

Describing canyoning on Kozjak stream is a hard task, as words cannot describe the adventure it offers. You will find that energy, good will, and breathtaking nature are all aplenty on this trip.

First, we will walk on hanging bridges across the emerald river Soča, and then follow the well-trodden path toward the mighty Kozjak waterfall. We will take a detour and deviate from the entry point for about 30 minutes. If the walk to the entry point feels full of adrenaline and impatience, then you have absolutely the right feeling.

The adventure begins with a 10-meter-deep jump into the gorge, which charges our batteries and slaps us with adrenaline. The wonderful, surrounded by vegetation but quite narrow canyon, which was formed by the stream, takes us to an adrenaline wonderland full of daring jumps, pure joy and descents down mighty waterfalls. The final test is the 20-metre high, unforgettable, Kozjak waterfall, which is bested only by the bravest of visitors. Oh, do not forget to smile for the cameras as many tourists, ubiquitous in the area will try to snap a photo of a daring jump.