Tandem paragliding

Three birds

Tandem paragliding represents true freedom. Share the sky with birds and fluffy clouds. Paragliding  is the best way to explore the Julian Alps and Soča valley.

DURATION TIME: 150 – 210 min
TIME IN AIR: 20 – 60 min
ALL YOU NEED: comfortable sports wear and proper footwear (hiking shoes)

PRICE:   160€

Paragliding in a tandem does not require any prior knowledge or experience. All our tandem pilots are locals with long years of experience. Paragliding is their passion and way of life, so you will have no problem feeling safe under their wings.

Paragliding is an unforgetable experience for anybody that enjoys nature. There is probably no better way to explore the Alps using only the power of nature! It is a surely beautiful adventure, but if you want it to also include some neat G-forces and a dose of adrenaline, our pilots will have no problem with complying with your thrill-seeking wishesh.


Popular take offs for paragliders in Bovec and around Bovec valley:
Mangart Saddle (1947m) 
Breginjski (Kobariški) Stol (1406m) 
Kanin (2200m)