team building

Our TEAM BUILDING” event offers nature and activities just for your group.


DURATION TIME: from 2 to 3 hours
ALL YOU NEED: swimwear and a towel

As the term suggests, “team building” is about building and strengthening the team. It is an activity suitable for all who deem that your group needs some fresh wind in its sails or just plan to build closer relationships among your people while having loads of fun. Like in the raft, team efficiency is extremely important also in business circles. Our “team building” event offers nature and activities just for your group. The programmes are tailored for a large variety of groups, such as: work groups, school groups, societies, companies, union trips, as well as birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties and other similar events. Now what can be better than that?


The rapids of the Soča river offer both the beauty of nature and a stronger team spirit. Rafting ideally combines a sports activity with relaxation, adrenaline and adventure, and is suitable for all ages.

We meet at the designated meeting point and time. We then put on our neoprene suits, life jackets and helmets. Our guides will explain the basic theory important for your safety when paddling and also what to do in case you fall into the water. We are then ready to grab the bull by the horns and have a lot fun.


Canyoning offers dynamic fun in an unforgettable “water park” that was and is thousands of years in the making but hidden from plain sight. You do not need any experience, as the guide is there always by your side. You just need a bucket of good will.

The path to the starting point is a 20 minute walk on an old military forest trail, termed “mulatierra” in Italian.

From here on, the Sušec ravine offers an unforgettable adventure. We will use the waterfalls as our very own slides. Some of them will by conquered simply by jumping into crystal clear ponds at the bottom while others (the large ones) will be defeated by using rope.

After the activity ends you are heartily invited to add brandy tasting , a picnic or lunch in a quality restaurant to the team building programme .


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