canyoning sušec

Canyoning Sušec is basic canyoning and perfect for everyone who want to try canyoning first time. Fell the elements while discovering beautiful nature.

DURATION TIME: 120 to 210 min

ALL YOU NEED: swimwear and a towel
PRICE: 50,00€/55,00€ (1.6 – 31.8.)

This is a basic difficulty canyon. You will be able to jump 7m deep and roll down a 12m waterfall with a rope where the adrenaline will not be missed.

Canyoning offers us dynamic, fun in an unforgettable natural water park, which is a thousand-year work of nature, hidden from the eyes of the street. You don’t need knowledge and experience for it, because you will be all the time with guide for canyoning.
All you need is the basics of swimming and a lot of good mood .

The path to the beginning takes us from a 20 to 30 minute walk along the old Italian military forest trail, called ”mulatjera”.
After walking Guide will explain you some necessary instructions and advice how to do in the most safety way.
From here on the stream of the Sušec offers us an unforgettable adventure. The waterfalls will serve as natural slides. Crystal clear pools, suitable for refreshment in hot summer days. You will be able to jump as far as 20 feet into the pool of the stream and use the rope to descend down a 12m waterfall where there will be no shortage of adrenaline. You can choose to bypass any waterfall or jump if you encounter difficulties.

All you need with you is only swimwear and towel, and we take care of the rest equipment.

we provide the following equipment:

– A helmet for head protection

– Rope harness – helps to ease the descent of the stone slides and lowering with a rope.

 Neoprene suit for protection from cold water

– Neoprene shoes for protection from cold water (they also come in children’s sizes)

We provide transport and all the gear.