Čezsoča 71, 5230 Bovec


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Raft the waves and rapids of Soča river. Soča offers many different sections and is as such perfect for families as well as adrenaline junkies.

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Explore the hidden wonders of natures while sliding, jumping and rappelling trough waterfalls. Choose the canyon that best suits your ambitions and capabilities.

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Learn the basics of kayaking and enjoy in beautiful nature.
You don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. Kayak trip is also suitable for beginners.

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Experience true freedom. Share the sky with birds and fluffy clouds. Tandem paragliding is the best way to explore the Julian Alps and Soča valley.


One of the largest zipline parks in Central Europe and in Slovenia is located in the valley of Krnica, between two hills: Kanin (2587m) and Rombon (2207m). It is suitable for everyone who wants a lot of adrenalin and loves speed.

Skydiving in Bovec is a real adventure for the brave and the bold ones – the aircraft takes you up to about 4,000 m altitude where you jump out in tandem with an experienced skydiver. You can enjoy a freefall for about a minute and then land safely with a parachute.