family rafting

Do you want an exciting trip for your family? We are the best choice by far, as our tour offers, save family rafting in a stunning environment and most importantly, a whole lot of fun.

DURATION TIME: 150 min (90 min on the river)


ALL YOU NEED: swimwear and towel


                       PRICE: 40,00€

Rafting on the Soča river is the most sought after adventure and suitable for anybody who wish to have an unforgettable time. People from all age groups can participate except for children who are under 5 years of age or less than 110cm tall.

Rafting is great fun for both generations, young and elder people. A raft can transport 4 to 8 persons. You are accompanied by a specially trained and skilled guide who will look after your safety at all times. Previous experience is not required. All that is needed from our guests is that they have basic swimming skills and of course the desire to have some fun outdoors in nature.

We meet at the designated time and place. First, we put on our neoprene suits, life jackets and helmets. Do not worry, as we have gear which is suitable for children also. Guests are explained the basic theory which includes paddling and what to do in case somebody falls off the raft. Now we can begin with the fun part! The first part of the tour consists of some rapids and small waves. We must take paddling seriously but we promise there will also be time for swimming, jumping from rocks and enjoying the views only the river can offer.

Mandatory safety gear:

For a pleasant family rafting tour, we provide the following equipment:

  • A helmet for head protection
  • A life jacket for keeping you afloat and protecting the back
  • A 3mm thick neoprene suit for protection from cold water
  • Neoprene shoes for protection from cold water (they also come in children’s sizes)

We provide transport and all the gear.