The weather does not have much of an impact on performing water sports activities.
All participants are provided protective gear to counter the weather conditions. One can say that a tour in the rain is even more unique and fun, as has been proven by the satisfaction of groups that chose to do tours in “non-ideal” weather.

You can follow the most accurate weather forecast for Bovec on the following link:

* In case of extreme weather we will inform you and change or cancel the trip.

Booking activities

It is necessary to book every activity in advance. We recommend that you book your desired time slot as soon as possible, so that the chosen day and time can suit your schedule the most.

We recommend you book via our online reservation form or e-mail or telephone. You can expect a reply in 24 hours at the most. In case you don’t receive a reply, please check your “spam” folder or simply contact us by phone 00386 30697172 or 0038631231615.

We are available everyday from 8:00-21:00. Also for holidays.

The season is from 15.March to 31.October.

We are accepting reservations whole year also on Tripadvisor and GetYourGuide. 

Activity prices are listed in our price list.
Our prices are per person and “all inclusive”, which means that they encompass all costs the activity entails and you will not be charged for any supplements and extras.


We offer extra discounts for activities, including various sales and package tours which you can view and read about on our website.

* In case you have any special requests, please contact us and we will prepare an individual offer just for you.


Prepayment for your reservation is not required. The only exceptions are larger groups, in which case we ask for a prepayment in the sum of 30%.


Payment is due on the day of the tour. Payment is possible only with cash, PayPal and a deposit to our bank account.

We don’t accept Credit Cards.

You may change or cancel your reservation subsequently. If this is the case, we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible, as this enables other guests to take your place and saves us inconveniences with tour organisation. Any change to your reservation must be forwarded to us at least one day in advance of your selected time slot.


The starting times for all activities are:
– March, April, May, September, October: 

RAFTING 10:00/ 15:00


CANYONING 8:00/ 13:00

– June, July, August: 

RAFTING 8:30/ 12:00/ 16:00


CANYONING 8:00/ 13:00

Arrival at the meeting point is 30 minutes before the departure time.

Meeting point

The meeting point for activities is in address ČEZSOČA 71, 30minutes before the scheduled start. You can check the detailed location at the link.

It is important that you arrive at the meeting point at least 30minutes before the start time. We kindly ask that you take into account any and all possible stops, traffic jams and other unpredictability’s that may occur while travelling on the road. Please understand that other guests, therefore, cannot be kept waiting and that the activity shall start at the designated time.

In case of a delay, we kindly ask that you immediately inform us by phone. We shall do our best to find a suitable solution.

We offer a free parking space to all guests and participants.

We also offer pick up/Drop off in Bovec and Čezsoča.


The duration of all activities is around 3 hours, which encompasses transport time, gearing up, receiving instructions and the main tour. The main tour lasts about 1,5 hours in itself.

The exceptions are canyoning Fratarica and Predelica, which in turn last for about 4 to 5 hours.

The minimum number of participants on any our activities is 2 persons. 

Individual guests will be joined with another group when will be possible.

Big groups and team buildings please contact us at least 7days in advance for more time flexibility.



We put the safety of our guests first. Before every activity, guests receive the mandatory safety equipment made from materials of the highest quality, tested and certified according to European standards. Each participant is guaranteed safety gear which includes:

a helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit and shoes and an anorak.

Mandatory gear

All you need to participate is a swimsuit, towel and an dry clothes after the trip.

Provided gear

We provide all the necessary and mandatory protective gear. You are entitled to:

– neoprene shoes and pants
– neoprene upper garment or anorak
– life jacket and
– helmet
– harness for canyoning

You are accompanied by guides qualified for wild water rescue at all times. These are mostly locals, who know the river and terrain exceptionally well, are highly qualified, have years of experience as tourist guides and have completed all the certified and mandatory qualifications required by law to perform such activities.

There is one guide in each raft, who guides and coordinates the team. Apart from the guide, there can be up to 8 persons in one raft.

More about our guides you can read on our page ABOUT US.

Our agency has suitable liability insurance to perform these activities. Regardless, we suggest that all participants have their insurance in order. We recommend suitable tourist worldwide travel insurance, which covers urgent medical assistance, physical injuries, transport to their home country, etc.
Our guests do not need any previous experience, as almost all activities are suitable for beginners.

Only for canyoning PREDELICA is good to have some canyoning experience.

All participants on water activities must have swimming skills (diploma).
* Only exception is family rafting on your own responsibility.


The minimum age for activities is roughly:

– Family rafting: no limits
– Classic  rafting: 6 years old

– Canyoning Sušec: 8 years (must be able to jump into water from app. 3m heights)

– Kayak trip: 10 years old and swimming skills are obligatory.

The important thing is not only the age of the youngest but also the team composition. In case you bring young children, please inform us and we will find a suitable activity together.

Children aged 18 or younger must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

There is no upper age limit. It only matters how young you are at heart and, of course, what kind of activity your overall health condition enables you to take part in.

We kindly ask participants with pre-existing conditions, allergies, diabetes, heart problems and other health issues that may surface during the activity itself to inform the guide or drug personal provider in advance.
Past injuries

Guests with past injuries of the spine or joints are advised against participating in activities. We kindly ask each and every participant who decides to partake in sports activities regardless of such past injuries, to inform us.


Due to safety reasons we advise the following persons against partaking in activities:

– women weighing over 110kg (or BMI index exceeding 30),
– men weighing over 120kg (or BMI index exceeding 40),
– persons whose waistline exceeds 120cm  (for canyoning only),
– pregnant women and
– disabled persons.

It is strictly prohibited for any and all participants to consume alcohol or any psychotropic substance before and during the tour!
We all want to enjoy the experience and adventure. Safety is our priority.