Skydiving in Bovec is a real adventure for the brave and the bold ones
– the aircraft takes you up to about 4,000 m altitude where you jump out in tandem with an experienced skydiver.
You can enjoy a freefall for about a minute and then land safely with a parachute.

ALTITUDE :   4000m
AIRPLANE :   Pilatus Porter 

PRICE 260,00€ 
Photos and Video are not included!                                                               


First you need to book skydiving.

 Arrive at our small, sport Airport Bovec, Skydive Bovec at least 30 min before your scheduled time. Do not forget to bring your gift certificate or booking confirmation. Than you will need to fill out a registration form.

Than you will meet the instructor and he will tell you more about safety talk and about the jump. The instructor will give you skydive briefing and prepare you for the jump and you will put on a skydive suit and a harness.
TIME TO GO: You wait with the instructor for airplane to land and you board the aircraft.
You enjoy your flight up to 4000 m, the view is really amazing.
On 3000m the instructor will buckle you to his harness and will give you the last instructions. Its time to feel your heard beat and a lot of adrenalin.

TIME FOR FLY WITH BIRDS: The doors open and you slowly slide to the edge. instructor swings you out of the airplane and the real fun begins. around 50 sec of freefall and the parachute opens. You will never forget this amazing feeling. 

  • when the parachute opens you have a short descent flight to the ground.
    On landing, instructor takes over, you just need to lift you legs up as high as you can!
    You landed safely, now is time for some last photos with your instructor. You get your jump certificate. And here you have got an experience for a life time.


You will get all equipment:

-skydive suit
– harness
-wind glasses 

All other equipment is under instructor control.

All you need with you is comfortable clothes and shoes. 

According to the statistics, skydiving is a very safe sport; so do not worry, we promise you will not regret it!