One of the largest zipline parks in Central Europe and the largest in Slovenia.

DURATION TIME: 150 – 210min
ALL YOU NEED: hiking shoes and clothes

PRICE ZIPLINE CANYON UČJA57,00€/59,00€ (1.7.-31.8.)


One of the largest zipline parks in Central Europe and the largest in Slovenia is located in the valley of Krnica, between two hills: Kanin (2587m) and Rombon (2207m). It is suitable for everyone who wants a lot of adrenalin and loves speed.

Can you imagine floating on a rope 1300m above the water level? Do you want to know the feeling sliding down 5 ropes above the Krnica valley between 500 and 600m long? Experienced and entertaining guides and breathtaking views over Bovec valley will take care of making the most frightened become heroes! Guides will give you a safety belt, gloves, helmets and your adventure will start. 200m above the ground and at speed of 50-60km/h you will be flying free as a bird and soaking in the beauty that nature gave us.

Zipline is suitable for all adrenalin junkies, couples, families, groups, as well as those who want to overcome the fear of height with unforgettable experience.

DEPARTURES: everyday  from 9:00 to 18:00.


The biggest zipline park in Slovenia is open all year round. In autumn you can admire colorful colored scenery above the river canyon Učja, in  winter you can enjoy the view of snow-covered treetops and mountain peaks.

The Mediterranean influence coming up to Soča valley reaches the Bovec basin and has the impact also on the climate conditions in canyon Učja. This means that during the winter months it is much warmer than one might expect.

Eight steel cables in lengths of 250-600m provide more than two hours of fun.

And not only that. Experienced guides who will accompany you during  trip, will also educate you with information on protected animal and plant species in the valley Učja and its history. The valley Učja is a protected area and is under protection of the Natura 2000.

Meeting point is in our sports center Soča rafting in Bovec, where you receive all the necessary equipment and arrange formatilies. From there we drive to the starting point, which is about 9km outside Bovec. When you arrive at the start, our guides will explain the basics of ziplining. In our training polygon you will practice zip on a short 20 m long steel cable.

DEPARTURES: everyday at 10:00 / 13:30 / 17:00